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Oster 6706

Oster 6706

The blender is one of the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment you can have, and has been around for about a hundred years. With this one piece of equipment you can make fruit drinks, milk shakes, soups, dips, coolers, smoothies, crush ice, and more. You can’t beat the blenders performance when mixing solids or liquids quickly and cleanly.

Often compared are food processors, blenders and mixers. Although similar, each unit has a completely different function. When blending solids and liquids together the blender performs the best. And during the subsequent years since their invention much has changed. Today’s blenders have more sophistication in their functions. Basic models are available as well as the new more sophisticated models.

Blenders can run from a modest thirty dollars for a basic unit to over five hundred dollars for a more powerful hi-end unit. Blenders come in different finishes and sizes. Keep in mind what you will be using your blender for when thinking of a possible purchase. If you are using your unit for cooking at home then maybe a blender somewhere in the middle would be best. If you going to use your unit everyday or almost everyday then power and performance will be important to you. If your going to leave it on the counter, rather than place it in a cabinet then appearance will be a consideration. Only you know what you will be using your blender for, and what your needs are.

The versatility of the blender is unquestionable and its users will only agree that they use their blenders daily. This small appliance makes the cooks life a little easier to make fresh and healthy fruit drinks, soups, sauces, pancake mixes, and much more.

Frozen drinks, and smoothies are still the most popular reason people buy a blender. Here are several several recipes for frozen drinks and smoothies you might want to try, and good anytime of year. They are simple and delicious.

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